Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Nigerian’s Short-cut to Amazing Adsense, Affiliate and Blog Income for Life

Start Earning N3 Million Naira Yearly working right from your Home.
That is N250, 000/month ($2,100) just by using a few secrets and knowing when and how to apply them?
Have you been seeking to get a job in Nigeria's vanity labour market to no avail? Are you still hoping that one day manner will fall from heaven or that God's time is the best? It is true that God's time is thFollow me one best but you must be prepared to take the opportunities that will come when God's time finally comes. Chances are that God's time in some people’s lives has come and gone but they failed to take it because they were not prepared. 
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Like they say, ‘Luck is Preparation Meeting Opportunity’.

You can never achieve it without a conscious effort on your part. You need to stop searching for jobs that will never change your life- if they exist at all.
When I received my fist Check of $776 that I made employing these methods, I was so excited; little did I know that was just a piece of the Iceberg. This amount came from just one of the ways I use to monetize my blogs. You do not need to spend many years online doing the wrong thing before you finally hit Gold. I have done all the work for you and you can start making money from day one Guaranteed!

In This Book Titled: A Nigerian’s Short-cut to Amazing Adsense, Affiliate and Blog Income for Life:

You will find out what millions of bloggers don’t know about making money with blogs which will put you light years ahead of everyone else despite the fact you are just starting out. This book will teach you exactly how to do it to get the results I have been getting. You don’t need to be a genius; I don’t think I am. If you can just spell your name, read and write, then your resume for this work-at-home-opportunity is already filled to the brim.
Have a peep into the contents:
  • How to achieve setting up a professional looking blog without spending a kobo.
  • How To Get 50,000 articles as content for your blog For free: Remember content is king.
  • 35 high paying niches plus Keywords that cost me $1000 to obtain (Online marketers Top Secret Keywords)
  • How to Get 100,000 backlinks to your blog(s) all free within just 2 weeks. This means a bee swam of visitors.
  • How to monetize your site to achieve minimum of $70 a day or $2,110/month to achieve your N3 Million a year target.
  • How to get other people to write and Post on your blog for you free while you earn from their sweat- They will even be glad to do it for you.
  • $600 worth of Free Bonuses:
1. Tube Traffic Secrets (Worth $200)
2. Atomic Blogging + Professional Blog template and plug-ins (Worth $100)
3. Adsense profit Guide (Worth $150)
4. Adsense Revenue Exposed (Worth $50)
5. MySpace Income secrets (Worth $100)
6. 50% Discount on my Up coming Block Buster “How A Nigerian Can Average $6000/month Writing Articles Online- All the tricks in One Report.”
You must be thinking that with all I have packed into this one report, there is never a way you can afford it. I am going to make it affordable for you. I won’t ask you to pay N25, 000 though I know the report is worth more. I initially pegged the price at N10, 000 and my friends were saying it’s too low and so I’m crazy.
Yes I must be crazy, but truth is, don’t think I’m doing this because ‘I love you so much and will want to help you get out of the shackles of poverty’. That’s what most so called online marketers will tell you; trying to look better that the pope himself. Want to know why I’m doing this? This is it, you have the choice of deciding now to order this report and change your life once and for all (mine is already changed) or decide to continue the way you are. I will still be making money whatever decision you take. My ultimate target is to sell this book to 50 lucky people in the next two weeks. That is about N500, 000 extra cash in my pocket because N750,000/month is better N250, 000/month, so you make some over N250, 000 if you apply this methods properly and I make N750, 000 and we all stay happy. Isn’t that a good deal for me? Maybe for you too! I know this sounds rude but I prefer to be honest with you than tell you I am just doing you a favour.
Call 08064010730 for the package
I guess you will love to make N3 Million per annum. So helping you achieve this, allows me to meet my own target of N750,000 for this month.
Now the Bomb! You will soon think I’m crazier than people think because I am giving this cash cow report away to the first 20 people who order for just
N10, 000 N4, 700 after which the price will go back to what it should be.
So for just N10,000 N4, 700 you can run away with my million dollar report. Pay N4, 700 into any branch of
Intercontinental Bank PLC
Emmanuel Ekanem
Ac #: 0037001000004707 and send details in an SMS to 08064010730 or
Email: emma.ekanem@yahoo.com. Please your details should be in this format Name, Email, Amount Paid, Slip #. You need to be among the first 20! So Hurry!
Good luck


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